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Eye-Spy Stirling Trail

Eye-Spy Stirling Trail

Be a detective and solve the 20 clues on the Eye Spy Stirling Trail. It starts at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Dumbarton Road and takes you up Corn Exchange Road to the top of King Street, then up Spittal Street and Castle Wynd to the Castle Esplanade. The answers to the clues can be found on the interpretation boards and purple plaques around the Old Town.

1) What was Mr Smith's first name?

2) What famous lady played football in the Castle?

3) Which famous pop group did not play the Albert Halls?

4) Whose great, great, great, great, grandson presented a statue to the city?

5) Another statue honours the author of the Stirling Lines. What was his name?

6) A third statue was erected to a Stirling MP. What did he become?

7) What is special about Corn Exchange Road along which you are now walking?

8) Whose head can be seen on the turret beside the entrance to the Municipal Chambers in Corn Exchange Square?

9) What was the name of the world's first billionaire who paid for the building of the Public Library?

10) Which famous local hero does the statue on the building at the top of King Street honour?

11) What building is shown on the Stirling Seal displayed on the wall at the bottom of Spittal Street?

12) What did John Allan do for a living?

13) Who is buried in front of the Youth Hostel in Spittal Street?

14) How many prisoners once shared a cell in the Old Town Jail?

15) Who was crowned in the Church of the Holy Rude?

16) Whose coat of arms includes a beaver, a native Indian and a mermaid?

17) What was the fate of the two women whose memorial stands in the Valley Cemetery?

18) What were the ladies doing on the rock in the Old Town Cemetery?

19) What was the Portcullis Hotel used as in the 19th century?

20) Who looks from the Castle Esplanade towards the site of the battle he won?

Distance - 1km (0.5 miles)