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With a population of 41,000 Stirling is one of Scotland’s oldest towns and its newest city. It is a regional shopping centre and home to one of the country’s most popular campus Universities. Over half of Scotland’s population lives within an hour’s drive from the city centre. Accessible, contemporary, fast-growing businesses and property investment - Stirling scores highly in quality of life, student and business rankings. Discover why in the following sections.


Stirling University offers around 300 degree combinations with no faculty boundaries.


Stirling enjoys a lower cost of living than other cities in central Scotland. However it won't stay like this for long as real estate prices are currently rising with cost of living and renting certainly increasing as well. It is a very desireable place to live and it has all of the great prerequisites to become a strong investment and living area.


The area’s population has more than doubled to 87,000 in the last half century. Over the next decade it is forecast to increase by over 11%, making it Scotland’s third fastest growing area.


Stirling has appeared many times on screen as a location for feature films, TV series, music videos, documentaries, shorts, promotional films and even Bollywood dramas.