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Plan Your Visit

This section provides you with all the information to plan your visit from arranging where to stay or rent to finding out about travel to and within the city. You can create your own guidebook to take with you by selecting what appeals from any section of the website or follow one of the selected itineraries.

To help you plan your visit there are two pdf maps of Stirling:

» Stirling Area (pdf 991Kb)

» Stirling City Centre (pdf 1.1Mb)


Where to rent a vacation rental or get a hotel


When staying in Stirling, the best recommendation is to stay in a hotel near the city centre. However, if you are looking for long term residential stay, you may also want to rent a small condo or sublet using airbnb for example.


There are many websites that will show you just how convenient Stirling has become facilitating many traveller's accomodation needs. The best way to find these is to begin by using sites like,,, and many others that will have various forms of accomodation types.