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Welcome To Stirling, city, real estate and experiences


In 2002, as part of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, Stirling was granted city status. Its Castle and Old Town meet the cutting-edge culture of a contemporary University city. It is the best small city in Scotland. Experience it for yourself.



Introduction to the community of Stirling Scotland and real estate areas:

The physical heart of a nation that bring together the historic and current events, Stirling is one of Europe's most charming places to live. Stirling has a population of approximately 41,000, this makes the town big enough to provide a 'full city experience': café culture, shopping, performing arts and nightlife. Nevertheless, it's still favorable to hold a warm, friendly society feel thus making it easy for foreigners to get around and live in this town. 

Why to move to Stirling, Scotland?
The Scots averages four to six weeks of paid vacation every year. They do not live to work but they work to live. Here, you will have a good rest to perform at your best. 
2. Public transport in Stirling is excellent. People living a few blocks from the train station can easily dash into the city. The bus system is also tremendous. Everything is accessible via public transport systems. 
3. Health Care: The city is blessed to meet the medical needs at minimal cost. The doctors are caring and most people have only positive things to talk about the national health care so far.
4. Preserved historical houses covering the country: The Scots have a robust sense of personality. They understand where they came from and know that it's very important to cherish. 
5. Food and drinks: The sausage is packed in a buttery flakey quiche that dissolves in your mouth. 
6. Travel is cheap. Travel is amazing since there are many vacation days. Since the city is very close to mainland Europe, there is continuously plethora of air travels available at a cheap price. For example, you can fly to Spain for only £20 ($32).
7. Weather: the weather in Stirling is mild, not too hot and not too cold.

Recent real estate market:

Stirling tops in the most affordable places in UK with the average assets being 3.3 times the average salary. However, the consequence of rising prices which, even as wages rise less quickly, are speculated to become less affordable with time. Of course, as the rates of interests and mortgages continue to be low and ease of use of mortgages with lesser deposits improves, the affordability of real estate's for the majority of people aspiring to purchase a property makes buying more reasonable and affordable. We can simply ask buyers and sellers to look for further information and come up with better decisions. They only have to look around and see the total sold signs for sale boards to realize how far the real estate market has improved. 

Types of homes available in Stirling, Scotland.
1. Detached house.
These homes are unique and excellent opportunities of three luxury family homes with an option to purchase distinctive plots with comprehensive planning permission. A truly amazing steadying development of three incredible sets within a fabulous countryside setting.

2. Semi-detached house
These are vigilantly designed homes offering a family kitchen, bedrooms and dining area with French doors opening on the rear garden with ground floors boasting a perfect, dual aspect lounge. These homes also benefits from plenty of storage. 

3. 2-bed flat house:
These stunning contemporary apartments are available for approximately £170,000 via the Help to Buy (Scotland) system, based on 85/15% equity stake on the total selling price of approximately £200,000. This 2-bed stunning apartment is ideal for first time buyers.

4. 3-bed end terrace house:
This perfect 3-bed steadying home, sold for approximately £193,000 through the Help to Buy (Scotland) system, based on 85/15% equity stake on the total selling price of approximately £220,000. 

How the prices in real estates in Scotland is appealing Chinese foreign buyers.
Scotland is becoming the best choice for Chinese property buyers, as it is alternative to expensive London. While Chinese are purchasing Scottish items, citizens own properties at progressively more rapid rate, truly only a slight stock of homes, simply because they have only started buying very recently. The average cost of properties for Chinese in Scotland is approximately £300,000. This makes Chinese to start diversifying and internationalizing their assets in Scotland. The UK government is steadily encouraging foreign investors compared to the past decades. The Bank of England approximates Chinese ownership of assets in Scotland will grow by 600% in coming years.

Comparison with Canadian residential market


There is a great opportunity toinvest in real estate as cities like Vancouver Canada, have boomed in home and condo values with Foreign investment - and they have the most sustainable real estate. Meanwhile, Chinese developers have purchased in locations that have left market analysts wonder. The affirmed reasons for such investments don't entirely work out but the broader enticements are easy to perceive. By simplifying the numbers according to the age of the buildings in Canada, it provided a consistent indicator of increased foreign purchasing. For instance, In Vancouver, foreign ownership of houses built before 90s stands at only two per cent. But that has not stopped local buyers from getting into the vancouver property market. For constructions completed since 2010, that number increases to 6 per cent. Some argue that while Vancouver has benefited from densificaiton and advances to eco friendly real estate, the real driver has been foreign buyers. We look forward to the same here in Stirling.